Brightlings Beads Website Review & Ratings + Brightlings Beads Coupons
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Brightlings Beads Website Review & Ratings + Brightlings Beads Coupons

Brightlings Beads : Products & Services

Brightlings Beads, is a one stop shopping spot for every serious beads craftsman. From alphebetized crystal beads to the standard multi-color classics popular with kids and schools, Brightlings Beads has worked diligently for more than a decade to set the standard for online beads and crafts sales. Brightlings Beads, even carries beads in gold, silver and bronze. The company has established a firm business relationship with Miovi, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of fine beads and wares, making the extensive collection one of the finest supplies available to an average consumer. 

Brightlings Beads : Company Background

Brightlings Beads has had one goal since its inception in 2002; provide the highest quality beads for the lowest price possible. The company has one of the widest selections of beads and jewlery making products currently available to the public. The company is based out of the bay area in California and has shown an amazing level of American inginuity. As a wholesale marketer and distributor of beads, they claim to have developed the interpersonal relationships and low cost comprimises that Brightlings Beads does.

Brightlings Beads : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Several of the best sites for ratings have a high rating on every level for Brightlings Beads. Some of the ratings that the company scores well in are overall cost of products, shipping, quality of product, availability of product, and customer service. When taken all together and averaged on a scale of one to five with one being poor and five being excellent, the company scores an overall grade of 4.3 out of five. Some of the customers who are weighing in on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have used comments like "My favorite beads at low, low prices!" and "Excellent company."

Brightlings Beads : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Brightlings Beads receives a grade of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB, Brightlings Beads has been complaint free for the last five years at all levels of their business associations. Some of the areas that the BBB uses in determining a businesses standings are product guarantees, warranty of products, and advertising vs actual sales representation; having an A+ in all of these areas speaks undeniably well for Brightlings Beads, and shows a high level of commitment to their customers.

Brightlings Beads : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Brightlings Beads currently does not rank highly on Google Pagerank PageRank standing. Accordng to Google, Brightlings Beads only has a pagerank of three out of ten. Alexa gives the page a website ranking of #480,427. According to, the site generates just over $6.00 daily in add revenues, and has approximately 2,290 views a day. According to the standards set by this is on the lower end of popularity. The site does however boast fifty nine backlinks.

Brightlings Beads : Social Media Presence

Brghtlings Beads has a dedicated legion of social media fans. The company has a high popularity rate on Facebook, boasting over 259 likes and an equal number of friends and followers on Twitter. Their social media presence is improved by the many features that only their friends of the company receive. The company has how to videos, and also sends out savings codes and coupons to their dedicated followers in the social media world.  The company as I could find it, has no blog mentions.

Brightlings Beads : Website Security & Safety

The company boasts a spotless record in the financial transparency field of the Better Business Bureau's official rating systems. The company has a secure e-commerce site that it utilizes for all online transactions. If ordering online is not suitable for the needs of any particular consumer, the company also has an order by phone option that may add for more security and peace of mind. The company is definitely a secure site to do business and their BBB record as well as their dedicated following, proves as much.

Brightlings Beads : Pricing & Packages

Brightlings Beads claims to set a standard for high quality at low prices. The company claims to carry products that are suitable for every budget. If you are looking for the finest Swarovzky's crystals, or the cheapest grade of plastic colored beads from all over the globe, they claim to have what you are looking for. Brightlings Beads when compared to other sites who offer the same products and services exceeds or meets the prices of its competitors. The prices of the products can also be lowered with the use of the company's regularly distributed coupons.

Brightlings Beads : Shipping Rates & Policies

This company has highly reasonable shipping costs. The company goes so far as to offer free shipping on orders over twenty five dollars. I compared the site with eight of its closest competitors and found the cost of shipping, and the policies associated with them to be comprable. The company does ship internationally for a small fee, and their shipping destinations include all of the Americas, Europe and Austrailia. The company will also expedite shipping for a fee.

Brightlings Beads : Payment Methods Accepted

Brightlings Beads has worked diligently to find ways to be inclusive for all customers. Some of the forms of payments this comapny accepts are: all major credit cards inclusind Visa, Mastercard, and American express. The company also allows for orders to be paid by more popular online methids like PayPal. If you place an order over the phone, you will need to have a credit card. There is no extra charge for using a credit or debit card.

Brightlings Beads : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Brightlings Beads has very positive marks on their BBB progress report for their warranty, returns and exchanges. The company guarantees on their website that if any products are damaged or not to the customers liking, they can be exchanged and or refunded in full within ninety days of the purchase. I searched hard but could not find any information as to the company's liability for return shipping on damaged products. When compared to eight competing websites, the return/exchange policies for Brightlings Beads measured out fairly average.

Brightlings Beads : Product images & screenshots
Brightlings Beads Coupons
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